Sports: Coaches’ staring

We’ve previously pointed our dislike of NFL players celebrating after making a tackle,  sometimes by pounding their chests. We say they’re doing their job. You don’t celebrate every good play you make.  Imagine the accountant who balances two statements,  getting up and dancing.

Another thing we find annoying is when professional or college coaches whose team made a good play look at the other coach,  appearing to be boasting or wondering if they look upset.

We saw it today in the Jets-Bills game, especially by Bills’ coach Doug Marrone.

Be humble, we say. The game can turn around very quickly.

On the other hand, when Jets’ kick returner Percy Harman made a dumb play, one of the Buffalo players patted him on the back, most probably trying to communicate that he’ll do better next time.

That’s good sportsmanship and respect.

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